Sunday, March 16, 2008


With Ben being gone for two weeks, we are eting what I refer to as..." Deployment Cuisine." Although not technically deployed, he is gone. And when he is gone it is hard to get into that mood of making a nice, sit down home cooked meal. Knowing I am going to have to deal with those dinners on my own. So this week we are working with "kid favorites" things that I don't have to force them or fight with them in order to eat it. Having said that...I am really working on eating low fat foods. So I will be testing out some new recipes this week. So this is what I will be eating this week...

B:spice muffins ( made with pumpkin instead of oil)
D: ham and potatoes au gratin

B: fat free pancakes
D:barbaqued chicken, baked potato fries, fruit crisp

D:bbq chicken pita pizza's ( use leftovers from tuesday)

B:banana bread, scrambled eggs
D:taco soup, rolls

B:cereal, yogurt
D: eating out

B: 1 pt. cinnamon rolls
D:pasta salad with chicken

B: leftovers
D: ham, deviled eggs, potato salad, rolls, apple carmel cake ( whole cake has only 8 grams of fat if you don'tuse the nuts!!)

Thanks for looking!

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April said...

Your week sounds very tasty. :-)

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