Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Homemaker Monday

Long weekends are...just that, LONG! With having all the kids and my hubs home, the house looks like a tornado went through it, followed by a hurricane! It is a complete wreck. To top it off, our water is almost completely shut off!! We thought our whole housing was having problems but nope, just us. I am waiting for someone to come out and fix it. Right now the water is so bad, you can't have more than one water source running at a time. So dishes are waiting while laundry runs and vice versa. Oh I hope they come soon!

Weater in my neck of the woods: hot and humid

One of my Simple Pleasures:
When I can sneak a nap in during the day

On my bedside table: word search book, hair ties, a couple of legos (courtesy of Ivan)ipod, lamp and clock

On my tv
: Diego saves Christmas (Ivan's pick obviously!)

On my Menu for tonight:teriyaki chicken, rice, steamed brocoli, breadsticks

On my to do list: Since we don't have any water, I am working on putting laundry piles away. I am also changing our front entrance so the kids have a "dumping ground" for backpacks, lunch bags etc.

New Recipe I tried last week:I must be getting old because I can't even remember what I made last week! Let's just pretend I made a new recipe and it turned out fabulously! (:

In the Craft basket:
So sad, once again nothing. Ever since Mason was born, I just don't really have the time!

Looking forward to: Ivan starting pre-k tomorrow! He will be in a regular ed class and we are so excited!

Homemaking Tip of the Week: Check your child's work. Do not let them have their free time until you have. My daughter got away with playing video games because I didn't check. When I went in later I was so upset. Had I just taken a few seconds to check, we would have both been happy with what happened.

Favorite Blog Post of the week: She is going to laugh, but it was my sisters! I don't remember if this was on her book blog or her personal blog. But she shared a story about her son, who prayed "Heavenly Fadder, please bless it to be Christmas tomorrow." Just about the cutest thing I have heard all week!

Favorite photo of the week: at the top. All my kiddos in their church clothes. Precious.

Favorite quote,scripture or devotional for the week:My husband and I watched a movie about one of the presidents of our church. While he was younger, his mother didn't scold him very often. Instead when he misbehaved she would simply say, "Remember who you are trying to be like." I loved it and wrote it on our chalk board as a reminder to our family.

Hope everyone has a great week!


Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful photo. Have a great week!

Jodi said...

Your menu sounded yummy!

Susan said...

I told that story on my book blog. Funny, huh? He's such a hoot.

Anonymous said...

your children are so sweet :)


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