Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Homemaker Monday

( My 2nd to the youngest on his first day of pre-k)

Oh, oh, oh! Like my header says, when life gets busy, the first things to go are my house and home cooked meals. I was doing so well. My house was pretty clean, I was having fun baking and getting things in the freezer and then...I hit a wall. It started around labor day weekend. Since then I have just kind of...well...lost my mojo. The house is a WRECK. I am not lying. From where I am sitting I can see a stack of (clean!!) diapers waiting to get tossed in the basket, bottles needing to go to the sink, candy wrappers, shoes, blankets... I won't even mention the kitchen. It will not be easy to make a homemade dinner in there...considering there are no clean counters. Ugh. I am wondering...what do you do when it gets like this? Or do you never lose your home making mojo? I just can't seem to get with it!


The weather in my neck of the woods: windy and rainy. We are feeling the effects of a tropical storm. The winds were so strong last night, that our neighbors trampoline is in a tree!

One of my Simple Pleasures: going to bed early, and getting a good nights sleep

On my bedside table: My husband and I actually just switched sides of the bed. I know, sounds wierd right? Anyway, on his side of the bed are alarm clock, remote and *boring to ME magazines*

On my tv: my boys are playing Lego Indiana Jones

On the menu for tonight:
mini meatloaves, applesauce, carrot sticks w/ dip and...I am not sure if anything else will be added!

On my to do list: write a check for Girl Scouts and turn in enrollment papers
write a check for book orders
clean my house

New recipe I tried last week: I actually tried this last night and we all loved it!

In the craft basket: nothing

Looking forward too: no school on Friday. It will be nice to have a break from the commute.

Homemaking tip of the week: Don't let your house get as bad as mine!!

Favorite blog post of the week: Hmmm I haven't read too much lately. Although two friends recently had babies and so it was fun seeing all the new baby pictures!

Favorite picture of the week: at the top!

Lesson learned from this week: I have to set priorities. I can't let other things get in the way of what is important to ME.

On my prayer list: same as always, friends & family

Scriptures & devotionals:
Honestly, I have hardly read anything uplifting. Maybe that is why I have been struggling?

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Anonymous said...

ooh how this is relevant to me today!!

i too have lost my mojo this week, not sure how, when or why but all i know is something has gone and i'm now sat in the middle of bosnia that i call home!

however, this tends to happen from time to time but the first thing i have learnt is to accept it. simple in theory but when we practice that concept we get rid of the guilt, irrational thoughts and urge to stress....which makes way for our magic to reappear! ;)

i am about to embark on one hours worth of chores starting int he worst room....my kitchen! i will play some music, watch my kids out int he garden and before i know it one room will me fairy magicked!

and who knows, maybe i'll feel the inspiration to do another room.....

dont push it tho eh? lol

sorry for butting in on your blog, i am so loving reading it i just had to comment! :)

have a wonderful weekend


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