Thursday, October 1, 2009

Monthly Round UP

( all the stuff after dumping it out!)

( trying to get a picture of the inside)

( not the best picture BUT everything is in it's place!)

( the black hole...I mean my bag!)

Over at Organizing Junkie she issues a challenge every month. Choosing some area of your home or life, to get organized. This is my first time participating because I felt like this one NEEDED to be done! LOL

The subject for the month...purses. My "purse" is actually a diaper bag. Yep, for day to day needs, it's a diaper bag. When I do go out without kids (not too often) I have an empty purse in the car that I just throw my keys, phone, wallet and ID in. But the every day bag...yep that big ole' diaper bag.

So I dumped everything out. I had coupons, chapstick(s), diapers, pens, reciepts ( ugh I hate reciepts), wrappers, hair tie, hand sanitzer etc. etc.

The inside of the bag is lined with pockets.

I decided to make it so that Mason and I each have our own side of the bag if you will.

On my side: a pocket that holds a water bottle, crystal light to go packet, a "just in case you forgot to eat breakfast and are starving" granola bar and a pack of gum (don't tell my kids, or it will disappear!). The next one holds "girly items" chapstick, pads (sigh)a pair of extra sunglasses. Next is one that is empty. But it is to place my cell phone and ipod in. I have one outside pocket that holds a pen, my planner and my menu planning notebook ( ok org junkie, do I get extra credit for that?!).

On to Mason's side, one pocket for diaper. One for a wipes container. One holds a roll of trash bags, hand sanitizer and diaper rash cream.

His outside pocket is a changing pad. It is just to big to have in the middle.

The middle of the bag holds his extra change of clothes, burp cloth and recieving blanket. My wallet goes on top, so I can find it.

I also use a carabiner hook for my keys. I only keep it on there while I am out though.

So there it is. As Mason grows and things change, I am sure the bag and what goes in it will change too. But for now, it works for us!

If you want to see more organized purses be sure to visit Organizing Junkie!

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Anonymous said...

it always amazes me how the simple things get so overlooked yet make the biggest difference!! :)

i think i need to take heed at this!! :)


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