Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to school

At the end of August/beginning of Sept. I am super organized. It's true...the one and only time  of the year that I am but whatever. My kids back packs are new and clean, filled with their school supplies. Their back to school outfits have been purchased or washed and ready to go. I have stocked up on fruit and other lunch favorites to send them on their way. I always feel so accomplished and that I get them started on a new year, with a good start.

My kids are done with Christmas break and head back to school tomorrow.I am so glad. Having 5 kids with me all day has been seriously cramping my coupon shopping (: not to mention the never ending fights and the constant need for me to entertain them.

So today what am I doing to prepare for them to go back?
Laundry: making sure my daughters pe uniform is washed and dried
              also washing the nasty out of my kids lunch bags (what do they do to them?!)
              not to mention backpacks!
Cleaning bedrooms: I have a hard time relaxing in filth and I imagine they do also. Bedrooms are being cleaned and "clothes people" are being set out (down to the shoes and socks)

Grocery shopping: grabbing some fruit to put in their lunches
Filling up water bottles and putting them in the freezer to go in lunch bags
Making banana bread and boiling eggs for tomorrows breakfast
Going to bed early BECAUSE IT IS A SCHOOL NIGHT! (:

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