Sunday, January 2, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I am so excited to send my kiddos back to school on Tuesday!

I love vacations but I love routine and getting back on to a schedule.

Not to mention that I would much rather take 1 child to the grocery than 5!

This is what is on my menu for the week:

orange chicken, rice and vegi's
hamburgers, pasta salad, sliced tomatoes
ranch chicken, rice, salad
breakfast for dinner
still undecided (:

For more great menu's head over to Organizing Junkie


Anne said...

My kids go back to school tomorrow! I've decided I should start menu planning this year, but I have to wait until my fridge is fixed!

Found you through Be One Fine Day. Nice to "meet" you!

Amanda said...

Josh goes back on Tuesday! And on Monday we (my neighbor, her son, Josh and I) are all going to Chuckie Cheese. Please wish me luck! :)


Marie said...

@Anne welcome! I am so glad you found me!

@Amanda oh I am like the anti Chuck E Cheese lady!! lol Hope you get through it!!

Keli said...

Sounds like a great menu! My son went back today and I was so not ready for it. :(

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