Friday, February 25, 2011

dinner & stockpiles

Last week our family had something going on EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. By the time Friday rolled around, I practically glued my bum to my couch. Seriously. I was exaughsted. Not moving was the only thing that sounded good!

However, I got a nice reminder phone call that I had volunteered to drop dinner off to the missionaries from my church. But can I tell you the wonderful thing about having a stockpile of food in your house? It is a lot easier to throw a meal together.

Here is what they got for dinner, and I didn't go to the store for ANY of it.

A Safeway frozen entree that I got on sale for $6.99 (Sometimes I cringe at paying that much for a family sized entree, but that is a lot cheaper then taking my whole brood out to dinner!)

a pint of strawberries cut up and put in a ziploc container. The strawberries were on sale 2 for $3 (gotta love livin' in CA!) The container was pennies after sale and coupon. So I don't mind if I never get it back!

a bag of steamed brocoli (that also went into a ziploc container)

We made sugar cookies and than frosted them

I also put a 2 liter of soda in for them

Not too bad right? They sure looked excited when I dropped it off! (:

So when a friend is sick, or has just had a baby, a woman with 5 kids whose husband is deployed...I mean uhm, you know someone who could just use a break. Look into your stockpiles and see what you can find. I am sure it will be much appreciated!

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