Friday, March 30, 2012

tie dye or tye dye?

Hmmm, as I have been sharing these pictures, I can't decide how to spell it. In my mind, neither look right!

My kids' absolute favorite way to do math, is BAKE! Makes complete sense, right?

Ethan found a recipe that he was dying to try.

 It was kind of a comedy of errors. First, thanks to couponing, I have 101 cake mixes. But not one of them was white! I wasn't sure if the jello would dye a yellow cake mix so we got a couple of white mixes.

Then, I thought I had a container of jello's...until Harmony let me know that she gave those away to the food drive. Pffft!

So I made sure to pick up some more jello.

We were in working at the table one day, when I hear Ethan yell, "no Mason, bad boy!"

He got all the boxes of jello out, used his teeth to rip open the pkg and dumped them on the floor.

So it took us awhile to actually make the cupcakes but it was such a fun project.

They were really simple.

Make cake mixes (white ones!) following the directions on the package. Divide the batter evenly into three bowls. Pick out the 3 jello flavors/colors that you want.

**Each cake mix only requires a half of the box of jello. So we doubled the recipe so that we could use the whole thing. **

Mix a different color into each bowl. Line your cupcake pans. Then spoon the different colors of batter in a pattern. Be careful not to put too much of one color in, so that they will look tye (tie) dyed.

It was fun to watch my kids do this. One was quick and messy. One was a little more careful. One was very methodical and made the "perfect" bottom layer.

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