Thursday, October 25, 2012

teenaged girls

I have one daughter. I have one teenager. They are the same people. As I was making lunches the other day, I was looking in her lunch bag, and it just kind of hit me. I love my girl. I love having a girl.

While I get the typical things you would expect from a teenaged girl...

---> drama
---> pms (yep, for real)
---> fights with her brothers
---> the " I am too old for________" attitude

I also have one person that understands
--->how it feels when I have pms
---> the fun of walking around Michaels
---> of getting into a really good book
---> how awesome things like Pinterest, Bento, Harry Potter, Bath and Body Works...

I love my boys. But boys are just...different. I seriously wouldn't know what to do without my one girl.

Here is a little peek into her lunch bag. Yep her lunch bag. The fun things about having a girl (that of course the boys couldn't care less about!)

1st off, is the actual lunch bag. How cute is her lunch bag? The boys? Plain colors, black, blue and grey.
For the boys, I put individual wet wipes in their bags. Harmony has this fun little magnetic owl sanitizer holder. Isn't it cute? When not in her lunch bag, it is up on her locker.


Harmony has loved everything about England for a long time. Before the Olympics came to London. She loves Union Jacks, Dr. Who, the history, the accents (of course!) the music (no One Direction though!) the literature and of course...Harry. We were at World Market, and found this rubber ducky with the Union Jack. But guess what? It is lip balm. All girls need lip balm.

I love my girl. Drama and all...

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