Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween wrap up

Halloween has come and gone. The top of my fridge has about 20 lbs of sugar sitting on top of it.

Not even 24 hours after my kids were home from trick or treating, my husband was packing up all of the Halloween items. He doesn't let any grass grow under his feet!

As you are putting items away, don't forget to weed out!

** Look through your costumes, will they fit anyone next year? We got rid of a couple of two small costumes, a pirate hat that wouldn't fit onto anyones head...etc

**Is anything broken? Ruined? Get rid of it now.

** I also put all Halloween books & movies away for the year. The kids love opening the bins and being able to watch movies they haven't seen for a year!

** Halloween clearance is a great time to pick up costumes for next year, cake decorations, candy, party supplies...think ahead to next year to save money!

**Many items are marked as "Halloween" foods/snacks/supplies. So check out the clearance section for pretzels, Goldfish, fruit snacks, napkins, food storage bags etc.

**Pack some candy away! Put in the freezer to save for Christmas stockings, or even later for Valentines Day...and beyond!

** Send a pkg to troops overseas sharing the candy! They can always use a treat from home!

**Chop up candy and use it in cookies or brownies. Yummo!

Any other ideas for getting Halloween picked up and put away for next year?

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