Thursday, November 15, 2012

Car Crazy (pt 3)

Soooo....we have covered entertainment and food while traveling. How about keeping healthy and clean while we are on the road?

I have 2 kids who get car sick. Really car sick. The other two kids, who don't get car sick (Mason is always in the front row) don't think it is fair that they "always" have to sit in the very back. It finally came down to this...

"Would you rather drive in a car that smells like throw up OR sit in the back?" They voted to remain in the back.

** Part of keeping the kids from not getting sick, starts with the food that they eat. You can check out my post here to give you some ideas!

** Did you know that Dramamine is a Moms best friend? I make my kids take it. I *believe* that Dramamine has now come out with a kids version but am not 100% on that. There are generic brands also that can help you keep your costs down. I have tried things like allergy meds and they just don't work the same. Trust me.

** In the pockets of the seats I keep a container (an empty cleaning wipes container, repurposed) and it holds plastic bags. This way, we have an option if we can't pull over. Then it can just be tied up and thrown away.

**Here are a few more items I always bring with me...
*saltine crackers
* paper towels/ disinfectant wipes
*wet wipes (even for my big kids!)
*kids tylenol
* tylenol for Mom & Dad:)
*hand sanitizer
* sun screen
*first aid kit

Keeping clean! I always think we won't use them...and then we need them. Some of these items are double dippers because they help with both keeping clean and staying healthy!

** toddler wipes (because they are flushable)
** baby wipes (hands and bums)
** toilet paper. A couple of rolls. Some rest areas are...a little shady. It is nice to know that you are covered!
**extra outfit for everyone---> even older kids need extra clothes! What if they spill a water bottle? Throw up? "Accidents" aren't the only way to get wet!
** I cover my seats with towels before laying car seats down. That way it stays somewhat clean in case of spills.
** garbage bags! I hook bags to the back of all the seats so that the kids can throw things away
**Every time we stop, we do a trash round up. Get everything out of the car that doesn't need to be there!

We all know that "things happen" but if we bring the very basics, you should do well!

Any other ideas on keeping kids clean and healthy while traveling?


Anna said...

I bought some chewable Dramamine a few months ago before we went on our cruise(I'd never been on one and wasn't sure if I'd get sea-sick. Better safe than sorry!). I used to get carsick as a kid, too, and my mom would have to hide the little Dramamine pills in applesauce or chewy candy!

XOXO, Marie said...

Oh I didn't know they came in chewables! I will have to keep an eye out! My kids hate taking them and I confess, bribing them with a dollar before! lol But now it is just kind of routine and they do it without too much effort on my part!

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