Friday, November 16, 2012

Energizer & Crayola event

I hate driving through LA. Hate it with a passion. It doesn't seem to matter when I go, I always end up in traffic. Every.single.time.

Despite my hate for the traffic in this city, I bit the bullet on Tuesday and headed down to Santa Monica for a fun event... the Energizer and Crayola event sponsored by Mom Central held at Cookies & Books in Santa Monica.

The sun was just about down, but you could see this little strip of beach through the trees.

We went in and my boys were immediatley drawn to a dark room off to the side...with glowing lights coming from it. Of course.

Set out on tables, and even some on the floor, were a variety of new fun toys from Crayola. Gone are the days of just a standard box of crayons let me tell you!! Crayola has so many fun new offerings.
Ivan (my 7 yr old) was in heaven with the Light Designer (aka "the globe thing"). By using a special pen, the kids could draw, write their names, or color in designs that were already on it. There were only 3 of these set out and it was hard getting a turn!!  That was a hot item! His 2nd favorite was called the Light Up Tracing Pad. Kind of like a light box but kid friendly. This was also a lot of fun as you could draw, and then light it up so it was glowing.

Mason (3) loved the Sketcher Projector. I drew a smiley face and showed him how it magnified on the ceiling. He loved it and did it again and again.

The Crayola products were a lot of fun and I am all for anything that takes my kids away from video games!

While the creativity was going on, there were refreshments being served. I sat down with my kiddos and was shocked that they had candles on the tables right at the kids level. It took me a while (yes I am so on top of things!)to realize that these were battery operated!!! The candles were the Energizer Flameless candles!

I was totally shocked.
1. They gave off light just like a glowing candle!
2. They smelled yummy!
3. Mason kept trying to blow it out. LOL, obviously they are safe to have around kids.
4. A timer. I can't tell you how many times I have fallen asleep with a candle still burning. You can set a timer and these automatically shut off. No wasting batteries!

And speaking of batteries, Energizer batteries now have Power Seal Technology. I apologize because I am not sure if ALL their batteries do, or if they are in a specifcally marked box. However, do you want to know what is totally awesome about these?

A 10 YEAR SHELF LIFE!! 10 years! That is a long time. That means that they will still be usable when my daughter who is 13 now turns 23! That seems so crazy!

Both items, the batteries and the candles would be AMAZING items to have in your 72 hour kits/ emergency preparedness kits. Put them in together and you have batteries to keep your battery operated candles running. If you are ever without power, these two items are going to be your best friends.

While I don't have any of the Energizer products for a giveaway (sorry, my kids had the wrappers off of the candles in 5 seconds and used them for reading on the car ride home!). I do have some fun Color Wonder Metallic Paper to give away. I love Color Wonder products because they can only be used on Color Wonder paper. Not the walls. Ask me how I know...

So, it has been a long time, but it is time for a giveaway!! If you would like to win one of these (make a great Christmas gift!) please leave a comment, saying you want in!

***In order to be entered, you have to be a follower of MarthaWannabe's BLOG and FACEBOOK page. ***

Because I am the one sending the items open, this giveaway is open to all 50 states AND Guam and Puerto Rico (: I am going out of town and so will close this giveaway on the 25th and draw a winner on the 26th. Two names will be drawn so good luck!

"I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Energizer. I attended an event and received a promotional item to thank me for my participation."


Julie said...

I want in! :) Good luck to me! ;)

The American Homemaker said...

We love crayola stuff too! I found some cool things on clearance after back-to-school sales were over to use in stockings :)

Sandra Quinn said...

I want in to.

Natryn said...


Rebecca Golladay said...

I want in! Thanks!!!

Ashley Harmon said...

All of the kids in the family love this stuff as you know first hand. However I love it too. This would be a great time had to spend coloring with the nephews. I want in please. Thank you.

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