Sunday, November 11, 2012

Car Crazy (pt 2)

Yesterday I shared a few tips on entertaining kids while being stuck in a car.

For part 2 of this series, I want to discuss, one of my favorite!

I swear whether you are driving for 5 miles or 500 miles, someone is bound to get hungry.

Our family *tries* to get on the road first thing in the morning. That way my kids can eat some breakfast, then get in the car and put a few miles behind us before they need to eat again.

However, that doesn't always work. The last time I went to AZ, we couldn't leave until lunch time. I took my kids to McD's, which they ate in the car. Then they snacked until we arrived in AZ, and then had Wendys. Worse decision ever as I had throw up all over my car. Too much greasy food is not a good thing!

So, what is a Mom to do? Well...this obviously depends on how long you are traveling, where and how you are traveling, etc.  But we are just going to pretend that everyone is traveling by car (:

Eating out:

**I get a lot of fast food coupons in the mail & through mailers. Take those with you. Some are for local areas but not all. Bring them with you to help you save a bit while on the road.

** Many fast food places have options that are not as greasy as say a bacon cheeseburger& fries. Look for options like sandwiches, chicken nuggets, wraps etc.

**If you choose to feed your children in your car, you might want to avoid: french fries (greasy and messy if spilled), orange juice( the acid can be hard on traveling tummies), milk (it smells really bad when it comes back up, ugh).

Bring your own:

**Obviously you can save time and money by bringing your own food. So while maybe not a great price for every day, things like Uncrustables/Lunchables can provide a good non greasy option and can be cheaper than taking everyone out to eat.

**For couponers, we have a lot of snack foods in our stockpiles. Grab some crackers, fruit snacks, fruit cups, squeezable apple sauces, waters, juice boxes etc. You will cut down your travel costs by a lot!

**Let your children pack their food. Give each a gallon sized ziplock bag, and let them fill it. Then they can use the bag for garbage.

Both options:
**plan to bring the "sides" and then you can stop for the main dish. Look through your cupboards, pantry stockpile etc.

**Depending on how long you are traveling, it can be worth it to stop into a grocery store for fruit trays, lunchables or deli sandwiches.

**Bring your own drinks. Waters, juice boxes, crystal light packets...

On the way home, when you don't have access to your own pantry, the grocery store can be your bff. Buying things you know you have at home is still better than repeatedly going out to eat!

Hold kids interest by letting them pick a snack (s) to take with them. Or try something new!

Anyone have any other suggestions for food? What do you do on the road to feed your kids (and yourself) and save money?

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