Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Being prepared

I had planned to post about menu planning. Some tips and tricks, and why it is helpful.

With last night being the elections, this morning my Facebook wall was covered in a lot of negativity. I have many happy friends, and many who are not.

I rarely share my political beliefs. Not because I don't care, but because I don't like controversy. I stand for the "we agree to disagree and I love you because you are my friend." I don't want to get into arguments or political discussions. Its just not who I am.

I am a verrry conservative, LDS, military wife. I think my political beliefs are obvious.

In all the things I have read, a lot of concern stems from the economy & welfare situations.

As someone who has been on almost every kind of gov't assistance, during my husbands college years, to someone who now is a very frugal shopper, is debt free (except for one car payment and student loans) I am not worried.

Why? Because we have the power to teach our families how to live, in line with our beliefs. We can teach them to be self reliant. We can teach them to stay out of debt. In our homes, we can have a food storage, learn to make things from scratch, have an emergency kit, be prepared.

Coupons have helped me establish a wonderful stock pile. I am proud that I have food to feed my family. You can do this also. Couponing, and watching every penny, can lead you out of debt & provide a safety net for your family.

The other night, I woke up from a dream that really had me thinking. Our family was off in different locations, a friends home, the store...when a fire broke out. It burned for days and, I COULDN'T FIND MY FAMILY!! It seriously scared me. I had no idea where my kids were. Where my husband was, I didn't know. Did they have food? Shelter? Were they safe? It scared me.

Although it is not New Years, I am making a resolution, to get prepared. Make sure I have a food storage, emergency kits, and am fiscally responsible. Who is with me?! Lets be prepared for...whatever is to come! Who is with me?!


Book Loving Mommy said...

The economy has me scared to death so I am completely with you! Getting ready to look at coupons and ads right now!

Anna said...

Our political beliefs may be different, but our belief in the importance of knowing how to budget, shop, cook things from scratch, and put together good meals for our loved ones is the same! This is exactly why I wanted to be a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher (still a dream, maybe someday?). These are such important skills. Not everyone is lucky enough to have someone to teach them like I did. For a few years, schools were phasing classes like these out of their curriculum, but I've heard that they are making a come back. Let's hope!

XOXO, Marie said...

@Jessica, I know it is such a scary time!

@Anna, I couldn't agree more! When I was in high school, we really didn't have very many "home ec" type classes. I did grow up in a small area, but I hope it is something that comes back. I am grateful for websites/ blogs so that those who didn't have someone to teach them, can get some help! We are all in this together (:

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