Thursday, November 8, 2012

'tis the season

As hard as it is to believe, the holidays are just right around the corner!

The kids table!

Coupons are seasonal.

January & February---> bring a plethora of health food coupons. Frozen diet meals, healthy cereals, protein bars...etc.

March---> is frozen food month. So there are usually a lot of great sales on frozen food items.

April & May---> is generally a good time for candy (Easter) baking coupons, and then in May you are looking at coupons for Mexican fare.

June & July---> great time to stock up on hot dogs, condiments, chips

Aug & Sept. ---> back to school time equals lots of crackers, juice, cookies, sandwich items (pb, jam, lunch meats, Lunchables)

Now that November is here, these are the things to be on the look out for. Stock up now. If something has a long shelf life, get a nice 6 months worth. Yes, I said 6 months. These are the items I am stocking up on during these next two months:

baking mixes (brownie, cake etc)
canned pumpkin
chocolate chips/baking chocolate
evaporated & sweetened condensed milk
baking soda/powders

Pantry items:
boxed dinner helpers (these are great to donate if your family doesn't eat them)
canned/jar gravy
cream of soups

Non-food items:
foils/plastic wrap/ baggies/containers
paper plates/cups/bowls
aluminum pans
cold medicines (be careful of expiration dates!)

Build those stockpiles now, when things are at their cheapest price!

**** I know that not every one eats processed foods. Obviously that is an individual/family decision. Think about having one or two for a "just in case" or consider donating them. There is obviously a huge need right now!****

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