Friday, March 28, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

Every Friday Harmony is going through her room, looking for things that she wants to bring to Show and Tell. I know she loves it and has fun sharing her favorite things. So when I saw Show and Tell Friday over at I thought it would be fun to participate.

So here goes..With St.Patricks Day and Easter being so close together, I didn't really decorate for either. I have one St. Pattys Day decoration to go on the door and that is all I have! Easter I have a few more but not that many. When I was at the Navy Exchange the other day, all their Easter deco's were 20% off. While I would have preferred a bigger discount, the items were not that expensive to begin with! So here are the ones I bought.

My fav. is the little girl bunny sitting on the chair. The boy is cute but he doesn't stay on his chair very well. I was thinking of hot glueing him on there, but I am just wondering if these chairs could be used for something else also. So I am kind of hesitant about it.

The kids really like the one that has the chalkboard. They love chalkboards. Next week I will have to share the one that Ben made for the kids.

Well that is it for my first Show and Tell. Go over to Kelli's site to see more!

back to life...

I believe that one of the reasons that I am not more organized is because of consistencey. I am so not consistent when it comes to my home. Ben has been gone for almost 2 weeks now. The first week I don't think I cleaned or organized anything. Nothing that really stands out anyway. Then, I got sick of it and got the whole house spotless. Then because I loved having the house cleaned, I kept it picked up every night. I was on a roll. But then I let it go one night. I was tired and went to bed early and so did not pick up those few little toys, or loaded those few dishes into the dishwasher. And once you let go once... it is easier to do again. Something else that helped me was getting up, getting dressed and get going. No laying around in my pj's. Which I did today. That could be why I am feeling in a funk. So I am going to go put shoes on and get my house straightened up while it is still "not that bad." I look forward to Ben being back and being back on a schedule and having someone to cook for again! :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

microwave tip

I am bad when it comes to cleaning out my microwave. Maybe because once the door is closed, it is like the mess magically disappears...hmmm? Well, last Saturday while we were at the ball, the kids and their babysitter made popcorn.I am not sure how long they put it in for, but I CAN tell you, that it was too long. Because our house smells like burnt popcorn. Still. So I read tips on how to get my microwave nice and clean again. The magic solution? Water and a little bit of lemon juice.

Fill a microwave safe bowl with water and a few drops of lemon juice. Put it in the microwave and then heat the water for 5 minutes. When it is done, all the nastiness is literally dripping off. So all I had to do was take paper towels and wipe it down. No more burnt popocorn smell. Wahoo!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

So many, many times I have been at the store at about 10:30 when I realize that I didn't pack a snack for Ivan. So I end up buying little treats through out the store. It can start to add up over time. However, sometimes I am so on top of things that I have a few extra bags of goldfish or graham crackers, whatever it is. So I put a tupperware container in my pantry that is for all those extra bags of snacks, or the last snack in a package. That way when I leave the house all I have to do is grab a couple out of there and we are good to go!

Tackle it Tuesday

No pictures today tackle for the day is my worse enemy. LAUNDRY. I have been so awful about getting laundry done. Connor's uniform shorts were so dirty but...I didn't have anything to change him into. What a horrible,horrible Mother I am. Ugh. So today all my laundry will be done. No piles anywhere. I have decided that I will start doing at least 2 full loads every single day. So that this is not a problem again!! :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008


With Ben being gone for two weeks, we are eting what I refer to as..." Deployment Cuisine." Although not technically deployed, he is gone. And when he is gone it is hard to get into that mood of making a nice, sit down home cooked meal. Knowing I am going to have to deal with those dinners on my own. So this week we are working with "kid favorites" things that I don't have to force them or fight with them in order to eat it. Having said that...I am really working on eating low fat foods. So I will be testing out some new recipes this week. So this is what I will be eating this week...

B:spice muffins ( made with pumpkin instead of oil)
D: ham and potatoes au gratin

B: fat free pancakes
D:barbaqued chicken, baked potato fries, fruit crisp

D:bbq chicken pita pizza's ( use leftovers from tuesday)

B:banana bread, scrambled eggs
D:taco soup, rolls

B:cereal, yogurt
D: eating out

B: 1 pt. cinnamon rolls
D:pasta salad with chicken

B: leftovers
D: ham, deviled eggs, potato salad, rolls, apple carmel cake ( whole cake has only 8 grams of fat if you don'tuse the nuts!!)

Thanks for looking!

Monday, March 3, 2008

I hab a colb

Things were going so well. Cleaning and organizing. House looked great. Tackles accomplished. Menu planned and more. And then...sick. At first it felt like a flu bug. Throwing up and nausea. But in the end it has turned into a nasty cold. It is
amazing to me that something like a cold can completely knock you off your feet!
So now the house is a MESS. Laundry and dishes piling up. Toys out of control. Not to mention that the house could use a really good vacuming! But what is one to do when they can barely breathe?...take it one small, slow step at a time.

The plan for today?! Well Flylady has what she calls a "crisis clean". What it is, is a way to get your house back into control, quickly. You do 15 minutes in a room ( this is not the exact routine she follows) and just go around the house for 15 min. in each room. Every 45 minutes you take a water break. Well for me, I am just going to do 15 min. in each room, and than take a nap while Ivan does. Easy does it.

I am hoping to get a tackle in but we will see!

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