Thursday, October 27, 2011

girl in a whirl

The child who gets dragged EVERYWHERE!
Yep that is me. The girl in a whirl. Half the time I feel like my life is on fast forward. Things are crazy & busy and I just can't keep up.

While I love every single one of my children, and wouldn't give them away for anything,  the down side to having so many kids is keeping on top of all of their schedules, activities...

For example, activities that have requirements are killing me! 2 of my boys are in Cub Scouts and I am constantly trying to figure out (last minute of course) what can count for what." Hmmm, we went to the zoo one day, maybe that can work under such and such patch". Yeah. Let's not even mention the fact that half of their badges are in a ziploc bag just waiting to make it on to their shirts.

School work is another one. Making sure every day that all of the homework is done, reading logs filled out, all announcements have been looked at... I know that I am letting things fall through the cracks.

It is a good thing I love my car, because we are always in it!

So here is the thing, I know the answer to my problem. I need to get organized. I need to have a routine. The kids need to have a routine. It is putting it into practice every day. When I am tired. When I am grumpy. When I would rather be reading my book.

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I totally need some help. Please all you organizing guru's, HELP ME!!

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