Thursday, October 20, 2011

A spooky treat

a spooky layered treat

A skull and cross bones on top of a "graveyard"
Why do all projects have to include a messy kitchen?
My 2 year old is sooo not sure about Halloween.

He gets freaked out by the displays in stores, or the people who live down the street with "blood" all over their window. For the most part, he walks around saying, "onaween scahhy" with his little hands clasped together in front of him.
a very happy boy
However, my older kids are much more "brave" and are getting ready for ghosts, goblins and of course...candy.

I saw this idea in a magazine and decided to make them for the kids. Next time, I will not put them in as big of cups (: It was kind of a lot!

So this was simple & easy. The layers start with crushed oreos. Top that with vanilla pudding colored orange. Next you can add more oreos or just do a layer of cocolate pudding.

Now from here, there are a couple of options...

1.Top with a layer of crushed oreos and bones, for a graveyard look.

2.Top with crushed oreos and add gummy worms to make the look of that dirt & worms treat that we all love!

3.Top with cool whip colored orange. Add sprinkles.

4. Top with cool whip "piped on" to make a ghost shape. Add 2 mini choc. chips for eyes.

5. Top with crushed oreos, take a tall ghost shaped peep and poke a toothpick in it. Then put it into the dirt.

The ideas could go on and on... Any other ideas out there?!

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