Sunday, May 5, 2013

12 reasons...

Today is a double celebration at our house! It may be Cinco de Mayo but my favorite thing to celebrate is my oldest sons birthday! For a long time, he would tell people that he was part Mexican because his birthday is Cinco de Mayo.

Ethan is such a sweet boy, and I can't believe that he is already 12. He has turned into a young man and is no longer my little guy. With all of my kids, I find myself wrestling between wanting them to stay little and wanting to see who they will become. As I am sure all Moms feel!

Here are 12 reasons why I love my 12 year old...

1. He is a good big brother.
2. He is very empathetic.
3. He is a self starter. Many mornings he is up, dressed and showered before 6:30.
4. He works hard.
5. He is creative and comes up with fun games for the boys to play with.
6. He is friends with everyone.
7. He is patient when I need help with technology.
8. He always wears shorts. Every single day. No matter what I say about the weather.
9. He is protective of his Mother
10. He can drink a whole jug of oj by himself...and very often does.
11. He is well behaved (at least for the most part)
12. He likes to play Words with Friends with me

What can I say, he is just an awesome kid. Happy Birthday Ethan!

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