Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gentlemen wanted

Having 4 boys, I have so many things that I want them to be. The most important? To be gentlemen!

To hold doors.
To carry groceries in.
To help elderly ladies cross the street.
To take the garbage out.
To be men.

Some days, when all I hear them talk about are video games, burps & farts, I think my work is lost on them. They are, after all just boys. And we all know that boys will be boys.

But then, you get that little glimmer of hope.

I attended a field trip with Ivan today. The parking was a nightmare and so we were parked out in the middle of nowhere. As we were walking back to the car, I tripped on a piece of raised sidewalk.

I went down. I was on the ground when I heard, "Mom, Mom are you ok?" Ivan, who had been running ahead, came back and helped me up.

He gave me a hug and kiss and asked again if I was ok. My palms were scratched and bloody, my knee was killing me (still is actually!) and because I was wearing sandals, my toe was scratched and bloody.

He helped me up. Then took my purse and carried it for me. I got an extra hug and kiss out of him and he got in his seat.

I realize that I am his mother, and maybe he wouldn't have done that for just anyone. But I choose to believe that he will. That all those lessons are making a difference.

I love that kid. Sigh.

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