Monday, May 6, 2013

Goody bags---> big kid style

Our family has a policy of having a friend party only every other year. It helps to keep the birthday madness at bay...kind of.

Seriously, a trampoline is good for kids of ALL ages!

Well this year it was Ethans turn to have a friend party. What do you do with a bunch of tweens?! I was out of my element.

The entertainment was figured out fast by my games and jumping on the trampoline. Easy enough. There was a major "Just Dance" off and I loved it! The kids were so fun!!

Cute boys gettin' down!

I wanted to send the kids home with something BUT was at a loss. Besides candy, what do you give tweens? Something fun but not a budget buster. Here is what I ended up with:

It was an Angry Birds themed party so...

Angry Birds graham crackers (these were $4.69 yikes! and were part of a B3G1F at Target. Some of the items in the deal were juice boxes so I got those for the party)

I found Angry Bird popsicles (otter pop type) in the $1 section! It was perfect and was a nice big filler :)

These Light Saber suckers were on clearance for $1.22 each. Normally these puppies are around $4 each! Score!

A fake mustache (.25 at Party Express)

Glasses and nose (.35 each at Party Express)

Rubiks cube (.25 each at Party Express)

The buckets themselves were .99 each. I know I could use bags for much cheaper, but I just like to use something that can be reused over and over. I always love it when my kids bring things home that I can re-use some how.

I made chalk board labels (easy shmeazy!) and added each childs name. The best thing about using chalk? If you spell a childs name wrong, you can just erase it and re-write it! Not that I would know anything about that...


Everything was a hit and the kids loved all the items. I was able to fill those buckets for pretty cheap. Honestly I don't know what I was worried about.

Next up, a birthday party for 5 (3 & 4 years) old boys...

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