Tuesday, May 14, 2013

22 days

Burnout. Serious burn out.

We are sooo ready for school to be out. Today marks one month until school is out. When you don't count weekends, that is only 22 days of school left.


Yesterday we had a little mini heat wave. My kids came home from school "sweaty hot" and begged to please, please, please go to the pool. Since we had no kid activities going on...I gave in.

I hung out pool side, chatting with my friend while the kids splashed around. Soaking up sun and reading a magazine.

It was a great trial run for the summer. I now have a list of things that I have 22 days to purchase...

*a new rash guard for Ivan (his was almost see through! lol) and for Connor
*new swim trunks for Ivan (he is growing so fast)
*2 new pairs of goggles (major fights over the pairs we have)
*more dive sticks/pool toys (hello $1 store)
*new pool noodles (no idea where ours have gone...)
* a couple of new pairs of flip flops

Are you ready for summer?  I am so excited to not have to buy any swim diapers this year!!!! But other than that  I have my summer list ready. The beach/pool bag is gonna get a great work out this summer!

***No pressure, but I am hosting a 31 party. I have fallen in love with these products. So if you need something to put all your pool/beach gear in, you can check out some awesome products here

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