Sunday, May 12, 2013

growing up...

My son Ethan turned 12.

To some people, that may not be the biggest of birthdays. No longer a little guy. Not quite a teenager.

But when you are LDS (also known as Mormon)it is. In our church, from 18 months -3 years old you attend Nursery. From 3-12 you are in Primary. And after you turn twelve, girls start going to Young Womens and the boys, start going to Young Mens, and are ordained and recieve the priesthood.

I know it is confusing to those who aren't in our religion but it is a pretty big deal.There are quite a few things that he has to do and learn in order to be worthy. It is the beginning of his journey into man hood and I am so excited. I just can't believe it is already here.

Knowing that he would be "graduating" primary, and being ordained, Ben & I decided to get him a new church outfit.

What 12 year old boy doesn't love to turn off video games and accompany his Mom to pick out some pants & a tie?! LOL, he was not excited to say the least.

As we were driving, I asked him if he had any idea what size waist he had. He said no, and so I told him he would have to try the pants on. You should have seen his face! You would think I asked him to dig a ditch the way he reacted!!

We went in to Ross, and he made a bee line straight to the Mens section. We made a guess at his size, and he was off to the dressing room before I could grab the next size up, just in case. He was literally out in 2 minutes and said they were good. I told him he still needed to get a tie and shoes.

Basically it was the same process for the other two items. I think he was in the store for a grand total of 5 minutes. By the way, he was totally annoyed with me taking pictures of him.

That is the difference between boys and girls I guess!

While I waited for him to try the pants on, I did have to laugh...there were 3 men sitting in chairs, playing on their phones, while their wives (or girlfriends or...whoever) shopped. Made me laugh.

Sigh. My boy is growing up.

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