Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Muffin mania

(same nephew, different son getting the last drop!)

(My son and nephew licking a batter bowl clean!)

Muffins are pretty much a staple at my house. And not just for breakfast either! Harmony is the only one that likes nuts and so I have to omit them a lot :(
Here are our favorites though:

chocolate chip (of course!!)
bannana (sometimes I sneak walnuts in)
bannana streusel (Ethan's ultimate favorite!)
cinnamon streusel
chocolate made with pumpkin puree& a cake mix
spice/carrot made with pumpkin puree & a cake mix
Lemon poppy seed

What about you? What are your favorite kind of muffins?


Beth said...

I love chocolate chip! I want some of those recipes!!

Julie said...

I make a lot of blueberry muffins... but out of the box. I want some of these recipes, too... or all of them!

Susan said...

I'd say my favorite kind to eat are Costco's poppy seed muffins. My favorite that I make from scratch would have to be bran muffins - I use the classic All Bran recipe. Delish!

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