Monday, September 10, 2012

A look back...

Tomorrow  a lot of us will  look back and remember where and what we were doing when the towers fell.

When our world was rocked by the events of 9/11. The devestation as well as the acts of bravery. Our nation coming together. The good along with the bad.

My day was a typical one. Up early, trying to have quiet time before my kids got up. My husband wasn't going to school that day and so he was also still asleep. I turned the tv on for background noise. When I realized that every channel had the same image.

I finally stopped and watched. I couldn't believe it and ran up to wake up my husband. We lay on our bed in utter shock.

My husband was home that day, instead of being at school. Why? He was headed to the US Navy recruiting office to enroll in the collegiate program. Suddenly his decision took on a whole new meaning.

I told him not to go. I was worried. He replied, "this is more reason to go."

Today my husband was promoted from Lt. to Lt. Commander. This is a very big promotion. He has worked hard and he deserves it.

9/11 isn't just a time for me to remember those events. It is also a time to reflect on our life in the military. The good along with the bad.

While I celebrate my husband, and his accomplishments, I also give myself a pat on the back. For nights alone. For celebrating birthdays, holidays and anniversaries spent alone. For holding kids while crying for their Dad. For being both Mom and Dad. For all the tears I held back. And for all those that I let flow. For homecomings.

May we never forget. Never forget the ones who gave their lives that day. Never forget the ones who are still fighting for our freedoms today. Never forget the families that give them support.

Never forget.


Amy said...

Just know that every night that you shed a tear, there are people out there praying for the soldiers and their families. Thank your husband for his service and to you and your family for all the sacrifices you also make.

Susan said...

Beautiful post, Marie. We're all proud of Ben's service with the Navy as well as his many accomplishments. I'm glad you're giving yourself a pat on the back as well - you don't do that often enough :)

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