Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good Monday!!

We have a busy week, with activities and of course, the first day of school! I am looking forward to some quieter days & a bit more freedom. I am taking a few minutes this morning to just enjoy the quiet.

Weather in my neck of the woods: It is supposed to be a perfect 75* here today! Love it.

On my reading pile: Oh this is so embarrassing! I am still reading the same book I was last week! For a while, I was all engrossed. Now, with only a few chapters left...I have kind of just let it sit. I will have to pick it up again and finally finish it. The book? Her Dearly Beloved Husband.

On my tv:
Watching A Psych Marathon (:

On my menu for this week:
Monday: Labor Day bbq with our church
Tuesday: grilled steaks, baked potatoes, rolls (a belated birthday dinner)
Wednesday: Its the first day of school! I promised my 5th grader I would get McD's on the first day
Thursday: fettuchini alfredo
Friday: leftovers or pizza
Saturday: breakfast for dinner
Sunday: pot roast w/ potatoes and vegi's

On my to do list:
-organize my scrapbook area
-spend time updating my calender
-washing sheets & blankets and then remaking all beds

What I am creating: Nothing. Zip.Zilch. nada. However with all my free time once the kids go back to school (lol) I am really wanting to start scrapbooking again.

Homemaking tips: This week not only marks the first week of school, but also, making  lunches again. I have a drawer dedicated to all things lunch. Ziploc bags, but also all of my reusable bags, lunch notes & jokes, cookie(or in this case sandwich cutters), post its, fun napkins, hand sanitizing wipes...It makes getting lunches ready a lot easier...and more fun!

Looking around the house: My hubbys homework is set ont he couch, a few remnants of our family movie night, a basket of socks missing their mates. The quiet of the morning.

From the camera: My sweet son, has been making "lego guy movies". Taking tons of pictures and then playing them back really fast so it makes a movie. They really are fun to watch and I am impressed with his ingenuity. However, I found 239 pictures on my memory card!

On my prayer list: My kids as they head back to school

Devotionals/thoughts/scripture: "Don't judge me because I sin differently than you."

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