Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy 600th post

Wow! I can NOT even believe it! My 600th post! When I first started this blog, I was doing a lot of challenges on various sites.

I participated in Tackle it Tuesday, Show & Tell Friday, Works for me Wednesday and a couple of others. I took on projects and than would share before and afters.

I have shared recipes and coupons. Menu plans and routines. Reviews and giveaways.

At times, having a blog is challenging. Trying to think of content that is helpful/interesting. Sharing thoughts and ideas and not really sure who is actually reading them.

However, I have learned a lot along the way. Like:

** I like to blog. It is a fun outlet. It doesn't matter how many people read this blog, it is for me. Its my little corner of the web. And I enjoy it.

**I still have a loooong way to go from being a "wannabe" to being where I want to be. I am still not very organized, or the best baker on the planet, or have a home worthy of Better Homes and Gardens BUT I am learning and growing. What else matters right?

** Don't keep up with the Joneses. I read way more blogs than I should...hmmm maybe that is the reason why I am still a "wannabe"... but in reading blogs, you see amazing photography, yummy food, immaculate closets, organized pantries, freezers chock full of healthy freezer meals, creative birthday parties, make your own...everything...it is very easy to compare myself/my blog to others. I am learning not too. It is not easy though!

**I like to see how far I have come. I like to look back through posts and see all the things that I have accomplished.

** I also, have a record of my life. As a wife, mother, couponer, baker, military family, my kids lives. The every day stuff.

**It takes time to blog. Some posts are fast and come easily. Others take a lot longer.

**I am not computer literate. At all.

So as I look ahead to my next 600 posts (and beyond! Channeling my inner Buzz Light Year) I have an idea of the changes I want to make. Of where I want to go. I hope you will stay on for the ride...and maybe bring a friend or two!

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Susan said...

Wow, what a milestone! I've enjoyed your blog in all its incarnations -- it's been fun to see all that you've done over the past few years. Lots of change, lots of growth, lots of inspiration. Can't wait to read 600+ more. Love you!

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