Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I have been really bad about my couponing and saving money. Seriously.

 I know I need to get back on the ball and I think this was a good way to do it...

I had a $10 catalina at Vons and I only wanted to spend $5 out of my own pocket to get some deals.

I didn't quite get there, as I forgot one item and swapped out a different one, which made my total $7.xx. However I still had a nice 87% savings. Although I couldn't get it all in the picture I purchased, 1 chicken, 4 pkgs of Pillsbury cookie dough, 2 pkgs of Oreos, 2 Silk Fruit & Protein, 4 Progresso Recipe Starts (one is for a try me free, so I get the money back) 1 Luna protein bar.

Then I went over to Ralphs and stocked up on some of their Mega Event items. I spent less than $45 on all the items in the pictures. It was an awesome trip and I am starting to get my stockpile a little more stocked.

I still have a lot of work to do to get back into the game and really stock up and save BUT it was a good start (: How about you? Any good shopping trips this week?

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