Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

Almost 14 years ago, I became a Mother. And at the same time, Ben became a father. Since that day, he has:

**stayed up late with kids
**put multiple lego sets together
**sat through concerts, programs, promotions...
** cut hair

**given baths
** put up a trampoline, bunk beds, shelves...
**moved furniture
**built lego tables

**gone camping
**gone to Scouts
**barbequed more times than I can count
**taken the family to Disneyland, LEGOLAND, Six Flags, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, along with museums, science centers...

**gone to the pool
**gone to the beach, hauling chairs, towels, buckets etc.
**gone to practices
**helped the coaches

**gone to Scouts
**helped with homework
**built Pinewood Derby cars

There are so many more that I could never list them all. I love my husband and the father that he is. He is a loving husband who has financially, physically & emotionally supported me.

Happy Fathers Day, Ben! We really do love you to "pieces".

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