Friday, June 14, 2013

I made it!!

Its over! The crazy busy school year (especially the last 2 weeks) is now over! I am amazed at all we fit in and were able to do. Besides being absolutely exhausted I am so glad I was able to attend my children's events.

So oldest to youngest, this is what we have had going on...

Although she had a plethora of end of year events, she is not a big photo taker. So I have no photos of her trip to Magic Mountain, her day at the bowling alley...The Mama-razzi was there for her promotion! After a trip to Ross to find the perfect dress, she was set. Dress, shoes, and a necklace. I did her hair and put a little bit of make up on her. Then I just wanted to cry! My baby girl has grown up! I love that girl.

The 6th graders at Monte Vista participate in Greco-Roman games. They have a 3 strikes and your out policy, and so Ethan made sure his behavior was perfect. Despite getting one strike for missing homework, he managed not to get any more. He decorated his own shirt, which turned out so awesome! I love it! After a day of participating in games like chariot races, relays, tug of wars...his team came out victorious! They won first place and were rewarded with candy and prizes. He was so excited!

Connor was my other child who promoted this year! Moving on from 5th grade to 6th. I can't believe he is already heading to middle school. The time has flown by! Even though the kids were asked to dress nicely, Connor wanted to wear his bow tie. He looked so handsome. The next day he got sunburnt at the 5th grade picnic. Connor really liked his teacher this year and had a hard time saying goodbye!



Although I was more excited than he was, I was able to attend Ivan's spring concert. They were asked to wear red, white and blue. I set out a nice pair of blue church pants and a red & white polo. When he came downstairs...he was wearing a Super Mario shirt. He informed me that it was ok since he was still wearing red, white & blue! He did a great job and participated in all the songs. It was cute to watch.

Even Mason got in on the end of the year festivities! His last day of school, his class held a share circle. They sang some really cute songs and followed it up with ice cream cups. He gave his teachers big hugs and loves looking at the picture book they gave him. He had such a fun time at school and I know he is looking forward to going back next year.

We are all ready for least until the "I'm bored's" start!

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