Monday, June 17, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

It is the first week of summer! So excited to be heading out to the Grand Canyon tomorrow.

I enjoy camping but I have a few requirements. Really just two. Indoor plumbing & showers. I can handle just about everything else.

I get nervous when it comes to camping and food because of the lack of refrigeration. I have to get used to it though because our family is not going to stop camping any time soon!

So here is my weekly meal plan...camping version!

B: bananas, dry cereal (we finished off the milk and I am not buying more until we get home!)
L:on the road
D: hot dogs, chili, salad and of course...

B: pancakes, eggs and bacon
L:sandwiches, chips & fruit
D: bbq chicken kebobs , fruit and grilled corn
Treat: fruit cobbler made in the dutch oven

B: breakfast casserole with sausage/bacon, potatoes, eggs
L:sandwiches/hot dogs
D:in town
Treat: woof 'ems

B: pancakes/cereal
L:sandwiches/hot dogs (just depends as we are busy during the day!)
D:taco salad
Treat: whatever is left :)

B: cereal/leftovers
L:in town
D: leftovers

B: whatever is left
L:on the road
D: at home...with electricity! We will probably stop and grab a pizza or something!

So that is it! I am looking forward to family time. Even though my teenage daughter informed me that, "I will probably spend the whole time wishing I was at home." Ahhh I can just feel the love!

For literally HUNDREDS of meal ideas, head on over to OrgJunkie!

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