Wednesday, July 6, 2011


My house is quiet. My husband is back to work. My kiddos are all still asleep. Ahhh a rare moment of quiet in this house.

When I was at college, I knew a guy who was trying out for the wrestling team. Every day he would work out, he would watch the movie Rudy (you know the one with Sean Astin?) to get himself pumped.

Well that is what I do with all my dvr'ed episodes of Extreme Couponing. While I have mixed emotions about the show, I do love seeing people get good deals. It gets my blood pumping (:

So I put together a great trip. Before coupons my total was $295.26 and after...$126.xx

Here were a couple of my favorite deals:

Odwalla products were on sale. The drinks were 2/$4 and bars were 10/$10. My hubby loves these and usually the drinks are around $3.99. I had 2 coupons good for .55/1 drink and 8 coupons for .35/1 any Odwalla product. Now normally I would have used all 8 for the bars as they were cheaper. However, I decided to spoil my husband just a bit.

So 5 Odwalla drinks and 5 bars. The two .55/1 coupons were doubled to $1 making them a $1 each. The other 3 were $1.30 each. The bars were .30 each. Then I got a catalina back good for $4 off my next order. Subtracting the $4 catalina all 10 cost less than one drink at regular price

Next up was Nilla Wafers. There was an in ad coupon bringing the price down to 1.99 each. Well a few weeks ago I had found a coupon good for $1 off a box of Nilla Wafers when you bought 4 boxes (any size) pudding or gelatin. 4 boxes of Nilla Wafers at $1.99 each. Plus 4 boxes of pudding at  $1 each. Here is the math:
4 boxes of wafers @ 1.99 each
4 boxes of pudding @ $1 each = 11.96 total

$11.96 -$4.00 in coupons = $7.96

But there was a coupon on the boxes of nilla wafers good for free bananas when you bought 2 boxes of Nilla wafers. So I paid $7.96 for 4 boxes of cookies, 4 boxes of pudding and 2 bunches of bananas!!

Last was Kelloggs cereals. For every 4 boxes purchased you got $4 off. So $1.99 each x 6 boxes.
6 boxes of cereal @1.99 each = 11.94
Minus $2 off in coupons makes = $9.94
I also had coupons good for $1 off fresh fruit when you buy 2 boxes of Kelloggs cereals.

So for $9.94 I got 6 boxes of cereal, a 3lb bag of apples annnd each box had a code good for the Cars 2 Promotion. For every 4 codes you can earn either $5 concession cash or a $5 gas card.

Whew! What a fun trip. Gets my blood pumping for getting more deals! How about you, did you score any good deals this week?

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