Saturday, July 2, 2011

right and wrong

You know there is a right way and a wrong way to use coupons right? Right?! Well there is.

 When people talk to me about couponing, I usually hear something like, "well I use coupons all the time but I never save very much. What am I doing wrong?"

After interrogating asking nicely, I usually find out that the problem is that they bought something because they HAD a coupon. For example, I had a coupon for X brand of cereal so I got it. Not I waited until the cereal was on sale and THEN used my coupon.

Yeah, no. The only best time to use a coupon is when the item is on SALE. We don't just buy something because we have a coupon right? We
wait until it is a good deal. By waiting until it is on sale, and then pairing with a coupon, we are getting double the discount. Make sense?

Today my soon to be 12 yr old learned this the hard way. While at Target, she was flipping through my file and noticed that I had coupons good off of Lego sets and a Paper Jamz. She asked if she could go look in the toy section while I finished what I was doing. I said sure and off she went...

When I went and found her, she had a stack of Lego's and a Paper Jamz. Our conversation went something like this...
" uhm what you got there little lady?"
"These are the toys that go with the coupons."-Harmony
" Wait, how much are these?"
"I don't know. But you have a coupon for all of them."
"OK Harmony that Lego set is almost $50. Taking $3 off a $50 set is not what I consider a good deal."
"But you have a coupon and it expires on Monday. You wouldn't want to waste the printer ink that you used to print off the coupon would you?"
"Put those toys back right now. I will deal with the .01 waste of printer ink."
Eye roll, sigh, and stomping off to put things away..."well can I at least get a pack of gum?"
"Sure, the one that is on clearance."
"Mom, you are so UNFAIR!!"

Life lessons. Ugh. Do you ever deal with these kinds of issues? Do your spouse/kids/friends ever try to get you to buy something just because you have a coupon?

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