Monday, July 18, 2011

Media Mondays

The house is quiet. My husband is back to work. The kids are going to be awoken soon because this week is Cub Scout day camp.

While I was doing my morning "computer errands" (checking email, facebook, checking bank balances, and reading favorite blogs) I came across this post. It really spoke to me, because it sounds just like my husband and I.

Now I realize that my blog is supposed to be on couponing or saving money, but there is always so much going on inside my head that I want to share. (: So you will just have to deal or stop reading! lol But I hope you will stay!

It is a really good reminder to me, to make sure that my priorities are in line. But I would like to share something when it comes to media and my marriage.

My husband is a prankster. He is constantly teasing, laughing and playing jokes at work. Remind me sometime to share the story of the boiled eggs!

Anyway, while we were living on Guam, some of the younger guys he was working with, were looking for some "dirt" on him so that they could tease him back.

So they found out that I have a blog. I have been keeping a blog for almost 7 years now. They decided that this would be the perfect time and place to dig some stuff up.

After hours and days of reading my blog...they found nothing. Nothing that they could use "against" him.

That made me so happy. That no matter what had happened in the 7 years of blogging, I had never once betrayed my husband  on my blog. I try to be really careful aboutwhat I share and I encourage you to do so also. Don't be the one who provides "dirt" on your husband.

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Heather said...

Well said. So glad they found nothing to use against him. In fact, I did a recent post that contained some light-hearted ribbing. I made sure that I did it with respect and then asked his opinion. I also make sure not to use his real name. He prefers to keep his co-workers out of our personal lives, so it helps to have code names to protect everyone. From one coupon clippin' mom to another - thanks!

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