Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10 shop local ideas

You may have read my last post and felt like you want to shop local, but just aren't sure of what you can do.

Now I want to go on record as saying, I am not AGAINST mass merchandisers. I am a frequent shopper in many of them. However, I also know how much those little purchases, at your local stores help. So here are just a few ideas to help keep some of your Christmas budget local...

1. Going out shopping? Hire a babysitter! There are many looking to make a little extra money, and they are not all teenagers. Do you know a mother with older children? Or a friend from church, school, work?

2. Hire a housekeeper. This time of the year is so crazy busy, think of hiring someone to come in and help you out a bit. Maybe for a special night (party?) or to help you get some of those big jobs done.

3. Hit up a bakery, instead of the grocery store. Need pies? Cookies? Or other sweet treats for your holiday table? Go to a local bakery instead of grabbing one out of your grocery store!

4. Tired after a whole bunch of shopping? Head to a local restaurant for that lunch/dinner.

5. While I don't drink coffee myself, many people rely on it to keep their energy up while shopping. Once again, go to a local place instead of a big name brand company that rhymes with shmarbucks.

6. Hire a local friend or photographer to take your family picture for a Christmas card, instead of heading into a studio.

7. Many places, while have a "name brand" company are individually owned and operated. For example, our local Hallmark is owned by a local family. I can still use my Hallmark coupons, but am helping to support a local store.

8. Attend a craft fair. People are selling things they have made and they are neat, one of a kind items! I love attending craft fairs.

9. Buy gift certificates to your local stores. Who wouldn't love to recieve a gift card for a local bakery or coffee shop? Think teacher or neighbor gifts, people who live local and would really enjoy it.

10. Host a party for your favorite direct sales company. Earn some fun rewards and help out a friend.

Any other ideas? I would love to hear them!

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