Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What's for lunch?

My 9 year old is a sweet, quiet boy. He doesn't cause problems at school. And yet, he seems to be the one that always gets picked on!! Why is that?!

He came home from school one day and said, "Mom, people keep stealing things out of my lunch!" Apparently every time he looks away, he finds things missing.

But the final straw came the other day when he came home and told me, "Mom, someone took my lunch container, and kept shak ing it and putting it upside down!" I was so upset. Imagine if I was actually good at making Bento lunches. I would be pretty ticked off that all my hard work had been ruined by some little juvenile deliquent...I mean some young child at school who doesn't know better. He then added, "You know what else? They were GIRLS!" So I imagine that it was more to get his attention then anything. My husband's response to all this? "Quit making him such cool lunches."

My lunches are nowhere near as cool as the ones you can see over at What's For Lunch and I could only find one current picture...and it is from Halloween! Oh well, I will have to better this week (:

Even though Halloween is over, this is the lunch I made for them

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Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Oh my goodness...if someone were to shake my daughter's lunch I would be furious and so would her teacher (as she'd not get to see what it looked like!) I have ordered special lunch bags from Japan so that she can carry her lunch with a top handle that keeps it level. And kids picking on your precious son...that is SAD! My 2nd child has the personality that if anyone makes fun of him he can just blow it off and it doesn't phase him. I wish all kids were like him. My daughter does not stand up for herself and is easily ruffled and I really worry about her as she gets older. She's tough with her 2 older brothers, but she's reserved around others.

Anyway...I am rambling on. Hang in there mom!

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