Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

cookies my boys made for their Dad...which they just ate (:

I just wanted to take a little bit to wish a Happy Fathers Day to all the men in mine/my reader lives.

I am a lucky girl to have so many amazing men in my life.

My own Dad, who is an amazing, amazing example to me. He is kind, strong, hardworking, loving, smart...I could go on forever (:

A father in law who welcomed me lovingly into his family. Who always surprises me with the sweetest compliments.

My father in law helping the kids carve pumpkins

Brothers and brothers in law, who are strong, fun, good men who take care of their families.

And last but not least, my sweet husband. He works from sun up until sun down, is frequently deployed in very uncomfortable circumstances, who enables me to be able to stay home. Who sacrifices so much for our family. I love him and am so thankful for who he is.

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