Thursday, June 14, 2012

munch mouths

sucking down a juice box

My kids have only been out of school for around a week. Yet, they have made a serious dent in my stockpile!!

Summer has always been a tough time on my budget. Having kids home all day is a serious wake up call as to how much they eat!!

Here is the thng, while it used to just be a "summer thing" it is now my life. My son Ivan was the last hold out for being in public school. Now I am a full time homeschooler. All 5 kids will be home all day long, for...a long time!

So now more than ever, I need to be on the ball. Snatching up every good deal I can. Feeding my munch mouths for as cheap as I can.

Here are 10 of my kids favorite (somewhat) inexpensive snacks, and they are filling to boot!

1. Popcorn. My kids love microwave popcorn. It is quick, easy and filling. Depending on what kind you buy, it can be also be healthy!

2. Quesadillas. I get cheese & tortillas pretty inexpensively when they are on sale. Some of my kids like to put sliced ham in also. Some of my kids are salsa fans but not all of them.

3. Homemade quick breads. I love to use up fruit in breads. Zuccini, bananas...yum.

4. Baked potatoes. I bake mine in the crockpot, and they are ready to go. Favorite toppings range from person to person but we love: chili, cheese, bacon/chopped ham, brocoli, sour cream...

5. Its summer! Fruit and veggi's are plentiful...and cheap!! Whether from a road side stand, pick your own patch, farmers market or the grocery store, fruit and vegi's are healthy and yummy.

6. Pasta salads. Most couponers have a ton of pasta in ther stockpiles. I make quick and easy pasta salads and we can eat them throughout the day. Our favorite: Bacon & Ranch. Betty Crocker makes a boxed one, but it is really simple to make your own.

7. Sandwiches. From pb & j to ham and cheese... It's a quick and easy snack.

8. Homemade...anything. Work together to make cookies, muffins, breads...whatever. Not only will you kill some time (some summer days seem to drag on don't they?!) but you get a tasty treat.

9. Popsicles. While some are more filling than others, these are on sale everywhere right now. Or make your own. You can use juice, crystal light, kool-aid, or get fancy-shmancy.

10. Smoothies. We love smoothies. This is also another great way to us up fruit that is going bad.

How about you? What do you make to keep your kiddos fed on these long summer days?

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April said...

I know what you are talking about. My kids often would eat all day if I let them. I only have two at home with your five I couldn't imagine. I do let them snack, I just make sure that there are good healthy snack around.
some of the favorites are: granola bars, string cheese, yogurt, apple sauce, fruits, fruit smoothies, and fired fruits with nuts.

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