Sunday, June 10, 2012

teacher gift

I was tearing up listening to her say goodbye to the class.

My son had the MOST amazing teacher this year. AMAZING.

He just got out of school on Friday and I sooo wanted to do something fun but that also showed how much I appreciated all she did this year. Trust me, it was a lot!

I saw and idea to fill a water bottle with Crystal Light packets and attatch a note saying, "thank you for quenching ______'s thirst for knowledge this year." It was cute but I wanted something just a little more. I found my inspiration while walking around Target. It is very easy to do isn't it?

After I had all the items, I had to come up with some sort of note to make sense of everything! You know how some things make sense in your head, but then once you have shared it out doesn't quite sound right? I do that a lot!

When I shared it wth my daughter (12 )and asked what she thought, she shrugged her shoulder and said, "hmmm, it's not as bad as what others do." Nice.

So here we go... ( I didn't write out the whole thing, sorry!)
" I know it took a lot of ENERGY to have Ivan in your class"= V8 Energy drink

"You deserve to relax in STYLE (People style watch magazine

"while SOAKING up some SUN" (beach towel and some Sun chips)

 "You are SIMPLY the best" (Simply brand lemonade)

"we would CHEWS you again for a teacher" (gum)

" You have QUENCHED Ivan's thirst for knowledge" (water bottle)

"Although every day was not a PICNIC (the basket it came in)

"and some days were full of lemons but you turned them into LEMONADE" (individual lemonade drink packets)

"It was such a TREAT for him to be in your class" (Rie Krispy treats)

"We hope you have a wonderful summer BREAK" (ice breakers)

I grabbed some inexpensive ribbon at Michaels and tied it all over the basket handles.

Ivan wanted to do something just from him so we got a Lego City book (he is a Lego maniac)  to donate to her class and put his picture inside of it. We wrote a little note and he wrote his name with the date.

How about you? Did you do anything for teacher gifts this year? Do you do a gift? Card?

Sigh, this also made me cry as she told Ivan how much she loved him and how proud she was of him.

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aftonelam said...

Marie, what a super cute idea, I am going to steal it for my little lady's teacher. Oh the picture at the end of the post totally made me tear up. You are awesome!!!

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