Saturday, June 9, 2012


When most people head to So. California for a vacation, they want to go to places like DisneyLand, Knottsberry Farms, Universal Studios or one of the other bigger and well known parks.

Not us though! When given the chance to visit an amusement park, my kids have unnanimously voted for LegoLand. I have tried convincing them to go to Disney (maybe because I want to go) but their hearts belong at LegoLand.

The first time we went, I was not sure what to expect. Well I was pleasantly surprised!

Legoland is a fun park with something for every age. From water areas, rides, Duplo town (for toddlers), Miniland, areas to design Lego creations...

 Famous movie/tv characters built all in Legos are one of my favorite things to look at. From Harry Potter to Star Wars to Bob the Builder...

Me & Han Solo

One of my favorite things about LL, are able to bring your own food into the park! What an amazing money saver. There are plenty of places for a family to sit and eat a picnic lunch. Although, the food choices to buy are yummy as well. Overpriced, but yummy.

I know that Disney, and a few other parks stay open late, for light parades and such. It makes for a fun day, but a LONG one. You don't want to miss anything, but dragging exaughsted kids everywhere isn't exactly my idea of fun. Well LL is only open until 6pm (summer hours) and 5pm (fall/winter hours). There is a lot of time to relax and recooperate in the evening!


If you get a chance to go, I would highly recommend it! You don't have to be a huge Lego fan to go, but you probably will be after you leave!

** This is not a sponsored post. These are my opinions, however if Lego would like to give us free tickets, I wouldn't say no!**

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