Friday, June 8, 2012


Here is the situation:

Take 1 tired Mom and add in 5 kids = Turner family

Then add a trip out of town= Legoland

Add about a billion activities= church, school events, field trips

Add in a broken laptop = kids in big trouble

Add in a non-working wireless connection= annoyance

Add in a new router  = fight with kids at Best Buy about why I wouldn't buy an X-Box, M&M's or a new movie.

Add in a visit from the cable guy= halleluiah

And that is why I haven't blogged. Whew. Today our wireless is working. My new laptop is never going to be touched by my children. All school events are over in T-2hrs and 3 minutes.

I am going to be taking a nice long nap today and then get my house back. Bring on summer!

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