Sunday, May 27, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

The other day I mentioned on my facebook page, that I have been in a total food rut. Considering how many cookbooks I have, that is kind of sad!!

With my husband gone, it is so easy to turn to kid favorites: hot dogs, pizza, chicken nuggets etc. But while it may be convenient, it is certainly not good for us!!

I decided to plan out this week and even though it is an "off" week, I am happy that we are getting out of our rut! So here goes:

B: pancakes, sausage & hot chocolate
L: fix your own
D: at a church bbq

B: leftover pancakes or cereal
L: fix your own
D: chili pie casserole

B: toast & eggs
L: school picnic/potluck
D: on the road so not quite sure

B: cont. breakfast at hotel
L: eating at LegoLand, or going outside of the park for fast food
D: at hotel, so something from the grocery store

B: cont. breakfast at hotel
L: cashing in on some fast food coupons, since we will be in the car
D: home by dinner, but I am sure we will be tired, so...

B: cereal
L:fix your own
D: ribs, corn on the cob, jello salad

B: fix your own
L: fix your own
D: left overs or pizza

For TONS of dinner ideas, or to add your own, head on over to Or Junkie

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