Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A week in the life...

My inbox and Facebook page are still full of questions and requests to "please help me figure out couponing", "please explain it to me" etc. etc.

So I am going to share this week about what I do each week to find those deals. I will be sharing websites that can help you as well as a great resource for people who really feel that they don't have the time!

**Disclaimer: I am not promising a 100% savings your first trip. I am not promising that you will pay with pocket change. I am not promising that you will walk out with 4 carts full of food. Consider yourself warned.**

Although, it is different for every area, my stores ads run from Wed-Wed, but I get the new weeks ads on Tuesday. So even though, it is already Wednesday, we are going to start out with Tuesday.

Can you see that circle around the .39 bananas? Mark up those ads!

I am very giddy when I get my mail on Tuesday. I have an ad for Vons, Ralphs, Albertsons, Fresh & Easy and Smart & Final. I live in a big area so I have quite a few stores close. Although I do not recieve weekly ads from them, I also have Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Food 4 Less, Super Target, Super Wal mart, the commissary, wharehouse stores...

Because new ads start on Wed. if there is any deal that I didn't get that I want, I get it that night, knowing it will end.

Then I go through all the ads and pull out anything I don't want/need. Lap band ads, a store that is really far away from me, etc.

After that it is just a matter of looking at what is on sale this week. What goes on your list is going to be up to you. The more willing you are to venture out and try new things, the more $$ you will save.

For example, lets say that you ALWAYS buy Colgate. Colgate is not on sale this week but Crest is. So instead of paying FULL price for Colgate, you use a coupon on the Crest that is on sale. Presto change-o you just saved on your toothpaste. Now imagine doing this for every item on your list.

A diet Mt. Dew in a fun cup is also a helpful tool!

If your kids love bananas, but apples are on sale, they can learn to love apples for the week.

Circle, highlight mark up that ad.

This is how I spend Tuesday nights.

If you are like me, and have a million and one grocery stores within a mile radius, just pick one. Don't worry about hopping here and there. Stick with one.


Susan said...

"If your kids love bananas, but apples are on sale, they can learn to love apples for the week." LOL. That's some excellent advice right there :)

Marie said...

I do what I can (: That is why my kids think I am sooo nice!

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