Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spring fever x 2

A slump. Or just major spring fever? I don't know but it hit me hard. I didn't want to do anything. I mean anything.

Dishes were piled in the sink, laundry was overflowing, the living room was an obstacle course...you get the picture.

We had a busy week with a lot of events, but it ended with...a campout!

Every year our church holds a "Father & Son campout" Thanks to deployments, my boys hav not been able to go on very many. This year, their teacher at church volunteered to take them. They were sooo excited! Knowing she was getting a break from her brothers...my daughter was pretty excited too!

Friday night I let her pick whatever she wanted for dinner, we ate ice cream, made strawberry/watermelon lemonade, watched musicals, did our nails...and slept in Saturday morning!

Saturday I took her to get her hair done. We had a good time and I loved spending time with her. It is rare for us to have girl time, so I loved it!

The house was still a mess, but I knew we were having company on Sunday. So I got my rear in gear and CLEANED! It really is such a peaceful feeling to have a clean home.

Maybe 30 minutes after our first visitor left...we had 2 more. That really made me glad I had cleaned. I now have a post it note on my computer that says, "How would you feel about the house if someone dropped by right now?" It is such a good reminder for me!

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