Thursday, May 3, 2012

spoiled rotten

I often look around my home and see an abundance of:

video games
video game consoles

Some other things I see (although they are not in abundance) are:
cell phones
dvd/ blue ray players

What it all boils down to is, our family is spoiled rotten. Now I am not saying that my husband doesn't work hard to provide for us. He does. It is just that, compared to some, we have soooo much.

My children however, see us as poor. Yep.

"Mom, do you have $50?" asked one child who will not be named
"Do you have more than $50?"
"Then you can get us the video game because it is only $45. You have enough money."
What that child fails to realize is...I CHOSE NOT TOO!!

My kids have so much to learn! So when the opportunity arose for us to provide some service to others, I jumped on it. Normally, I don't sign up for things because Mason usually makes things harder and I feel like we don't really help, but make it worse.

However, this time I brought him. We went with a group from our church and participated in Mormon Helping Hands. We worked with Food Share and spent the morning harvesting cabbage. It was hot and dirty work, but not one of the kids complained.

Later we were told a story about how, people call the Food Share and say they have nothing to feed their children. Their cupboards are bare. It is hard to believe that our family has almost a full mini mart in our garage, while others have nothing.

I hope the lesson sunk in for them. As we were driving home, my son said, "Mom I have a really good feeling in my chest."

"That is good. When we serve others we have a good feeling inisde."

"No it's not that, it is just because I ate a lot of snacks and I was really hungry."


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