Friday, December 28, 2012

3rd times a charm

Way back when I lived in Norfolk, VA I was given a food saver. I don't know if it was for my birthday or Christmas or what exactly, but I was thrilled!

I read this cover to cover

So while learning how to use it, I decided to put some chicken in a marinade and seal it. However, I didn't do it properly, and when it started to vacum, not only did it suck out the air, but it sucked all the marinade as well. I had a huge marinade-y mess on my counter and inside the machine.

After only  a couple of uses, it was no longer functional. I couldn't get them to replace it because it was "user error". I couldn't pay to replace it because we just didn't have the money. So basically, I was out of luck.

While living in Guam, I went to a yard sale. There I found a Food Saver for $5. I grabbed it but...I didn't have all the parts. So it sat and collected dust until it made its way to a GoodWill.

I decided that Santa was going to bring me another one. I broke it out last night. After wasting some bags on practicing (I thought it was supposed to save money?! lol) I finally got it!

I took the rest of my Christmas ham, cubed it and then vaccum sealed it. Success. Then I got into it and did a few other things around the kitchen. I am so excited to use it. I am looking forward to saving some money on produce and meats.

Do you have a Food Saver? What is your favorite item to seal? Any hints or tips?


Larilyn said...

I got one last year for Christmas, but have yet to break it out. I know, I procrastinator. I'm a little afraid that I may break it, or not know what to do with it, lol. If you have any tips, that would be an excellent future blog post! *hint hint* ;)

XOXO, Marie said...

Well I will definatley keep you updated! I have visions of making a lot of freezer meals! :)

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