Wednesday, December 12, 2012

stockpiles & shelves

I moved!!! Well...kind of.

When we first moved into our home, I put my stockpile and extra freezer in the dining room. I loved having it so easy to access. I wasn't the biggest fan of "decorating with my stockpile" but just dealt with it.

The cereal cupboard---> My kids have made a serious dent, I need to restock!!

However, I slowly outgrew it. Yep. So my sweet husband, let me take a corner of the garage. Then it became a side of the garage. My hubby bought me some shelves and helped me organize.

My baking shelves

The "Turner mart" or "T"-mart as the kids call it, has once again grown and changed. My children have a hard time putting things away where they are supposed to go. I also have a hard time finding things when it is time to put dinner on the table. It was kind of like it went to the garage to die.

The two shelves together. No, the top is not organized!!!

Most of my blogging and computer spent on the couch cuddled up with my laptop. Our coffee table is usually littered with ads and coupons. Not a great sight when people come over. lol

Laptop + water cup + store ad= :)

So, the dining room is once again my domain. I now have a curtain that I can pull across the entry way so that if it is messy, or I don't want visitors eyeing my stockpile, I can simply pull it closed. I have shelves and have a home for coupons, ads, my binders...and my laptop is resting safely on the table.

Boxed dinner helpers...both of my kids schools are having food drives so these will soon be empty!

I am in the process of moving the food over but I can tell you one thing...I am lovin' having my stockpile close. It is so...nice. Seeing all my hard work lined up on shelves. Another bonus is, finding things I didn't remember I had!

I think planning dinner will be a lot easier as well. So here are a few pictures of my new space. Lots of items to move over and it is a total work in progress BUT I am happy in my new home!

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