Thursday, December 27, 2012

traditions vs. frugality

Missing a couple of kids...

Ahhh Christmas traditions. That is why we do what we do right?  That is why we get up at the crack of dawn, or stay up until the late hours. Baking, shopping, wrapping...whatever it takes to make the holidays special, right?!

When I was growing up, every year in our stockings, we would find amongst the other items, an orange, a pack of hot chocolate and an individual sized box of cereal. Basically we were given our breakfast, so my Mom didn't have to worry about it. Basically it was a two-fer...stocking stuffer and breakfast in one.

I decided to continue this tradition with my kids. So every year, my kiddos look for their own box of cereal.

On the 23rd, my oldest son, who is a cereal aholic, said, "Oooh I can't wait to get my mini cereal!" Guess who hadn't bought any yet?

Christmas Eve morning, I got up at the crack of dawn. After staying up late wrapping gifts of course. Kohls was opening at 6:00 and World Market at 7:00. I just needed to get a few last minute items and with Kohls cash, and amazing coupons for World Market, I had a plan to be home by 10:00.

Of course, things don't always work out the way we plan, right? I ended up going to Kohls, Walgreens, 2 different Michaels, World Market and then hit up  Ralphs for a few last minute food needs. I went to the cereal aisle for the coveted cereal...and about DIED!!

Do you know how much those are? The 8 pack was $4.49!! Of course you have to get two because in amongst the kid friendly ones are the healthier ones. The ones the kids complain about of course. I was about to grab it anyway, in the name of tradition.

But.I.just.couldn' Instead I got a different brand of cereal that was on sale used my coupons and got 6 boxes of full sized cereal (most had double box tops as well) for less than $10.

Well guess what, my kids were so excited to get a full box instead of a mini one. They got to put their name on it and no one else can eat out of anybody elses box.

They were happy. I was happy. My wallet was happy. And...I think I started a new tradition!

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Susan said...

I've had that same experience in the past, so usually, my kids all get their own box of some sugary, very not healthy cereal. Didn't happen this year because cereal was NEVER on sale. Oh well. The kids didn't care. That much!

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