Monday, December 31, 2012

My weekly plan

Life at our house is busy. Crazy busy. Here is a peak at what is going on in our lives this week, and how I am going to TRY and manage it...

LOL, obviously an old calender :)

Beginning FlyLady---> starting in Zone 1
Grocery shopping round up
-Rite Aid
Yes, seriously!!! I only have a few things to get at each place so hopefully I can get it done fast. Plus they are all really close to each other.

Home and general clean up.
Family night in the evening: making family resolutions, choosing a family "motto" for the year, and filling out a year in review sheet to put in scrapbooks.

Nothing scheduled!!
** New ads for my grocery stores come out!**
Recycling old ads
trash goes out
Desk day

Connors orthodontist consult
errands as needed

Nothing scheduled!!

Ben & the older two boys are going camping with Scouts

Harmony is  headed for a temple trip
Ben & the boys camping until the afternoon
Family movie night: I am going to have some exaughsted kids & a hubby, so I know we are going to need some vegging out time! Connors pick for movie and snack.

Time change!! Church now starts at 11:00 instead of 9:00
prepare for Masons first day of preschool (sniff, sniff!)
prepare the kids to go back to school
-wash pe uniforms if necessary
-make sure lunch bags are clean
-fill water bottles & put them in fridge
-plan out lunches
-help kids clean out backpacks

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