Wednesday, December 26, 2012

the Christmas clean up

It happens to me every single year. I spend sometimes months or weeks preparing for Christmas. As the holiday draws closer, and the busy-ness of the season consumes us, some of my daily to do's get put on the back burner...

 --->  laundry
  ---> couponing/keeping my binder organized
   ---> dishes
   --->  planning meals (instead of just throwing a pizza in)
    ---> going to the gym ( I had gone for almost 2 months straight!!!)
---> blogging
---> keeping the kids on a good schedule
---> making my kids nice healthy-er lunches, instead of a lot of processed foods

Just some of our trash from the holiday

Have I ever mentioned that I am not very organized? Or a good housekeeper? Well it is true. But after Christmas, I just have this hankering to get things cleaned and organized. To put all of the Christmas decorations away, and put a new schedule into place.

Is it a New Years thing? A type of "nesting" thing (can you nest if you aren't preggo?) I don't know what it is. But I have that feeling.

While making Christmas dinner, I started putting things away into bins for next year. I didn't take down the tree or anything like that, but I am feeling that urge. The urge to purge!!

I keep thinking to myself that I don't want to make any resolutions because I don't want to be dissapointed if I don't do it. However, aren't we supposed to try and improve ourselves?

Well I know that keeping a clean house, an organized schedule and nicer meals on the table would be a good thing. It would improve our lives. So the quest to be better continues.

I just have to get all this Christmas stuff put away...

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